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Friday, July 20, 2007


I desperately want to go to Italy on a holiday.
The last holiday I went on was in March 2006.
I want to go there for not less than one week.
I am tired of asking people to accompany me.

So this is an open invitation to all my readers.
Join me for this trip.

I will NOT sponsor anything except the humour.
I am willing to go to any other place in Europe if you do not like Italy.



  • I like this invitation...no location ( as in Italy which area??) no dates....??

    Koi join karein to kese kare.... :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:15 pm  

  • Renu (I presume) : Dates, places etc. are negotiatiable. I just need a co-traveller. You interested?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 8:11 pm  

  • Is this poetry? Italy is not my list :(

    By Blogger FlyingHigh, at 4:29 pm  

  • hmm, my eurotrip plans include Milan, Pisa, Rome, Florence, Venice and ferry to Greece! But alas, I don't know when I'll make this trip!

    By Blogger Balaji, at 6:47 pm  

  • If I get visa - am game !!!
    How to contact you???
    tk care ~

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:17 am  

  • wow!...cool!!...wish u a wonderful trip!!!

    By Blogger Dreamy Eyed Gal, at 7:27 am  

  • FlyingHigh : "If its not on your list - put it". It would be so cool if you came along. Try maadi.

    Balaji : Grand plan there, mate. Best of luck then. Hope you get to all those places and please get a good camera and post some amazing photos from all the places you visit.

    Anon : Super. Get working on a Schengen Visa a.s.a.p. BTW, who are you? LOL. You can leave a comment on this post if you want to contact me.

    D.E.G. : Hey... long time, no see. Where have you been? Oh and where are you now?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:41 am  

  • ah i wish i cud join u.. but am already packed for SE asia.. maybe next time!! :)

    By Blogger Sam, at 11:14 am  

  • exam time :((

    By Blogger akhil, at 11:52 am  

  • Sam : SE Asia? When? I want an SLR camera. :)

    Akhil : Sheesh !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 2:05 pm  

  • I would give anything to go to Italy... it is just that after my Africa travels I'm quite broke now. Cant afford anything until late in the year :(
    *sob sob*

    By Blogger Casablanca, at 3:43 pm  

  • Casa : Aww crapp... [:-(]


    By Blogger GuNs, at 4:13 pm  

  • GAR... I would be travelling to Italy this August end :-) !

    By Blogger chitra, at 3:04 pm  

  • Chitra : And I cant... [:.-(] My VISA expires within three months.

    Shucks... I feel miserable.

    Good luck on your trip though.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:52 am  

  • would love go to tuscany someday...*sigh*

    By Anonymous tia, at 5:50 pm  

  • Tia :What's stopping you?

    On that Italy trip which was supposed to be a grand gettogether of old friends, one friend had come over to Italy from USA and another one from India. They joined two of my friends who went from the UK.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 8:08 am  

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