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Monday, January 30, 2006

Chat with a fellow Bajrangi

I was talking to a friend on Yahoo the other day and I thought it was an amusing session of chat. I saved it and I think its makes for interesting reading.

For your reference, the "BD" mentioned here is "Bajrang Dal" which LOL, has NOTHING to do with the political party or anything like that. Its just what we call ourselves, a group of young 'Celibatics By Fate', which is incidentally another name that we had thought up for the group. LMAO at anyone whos thinking its actually some real group/party/movement/cult etc. Its just a term we use to sledge each other all the time (on being single)!

You will have an insight into the beautiful language that tapori Hindi is - with a few words of Hyderabadi & Bhojpuri thrown in for added flavour.

Read on :

[FRIEND]: woh mail achha tha

[ME]: kaunsa re[ME]: guys' rule?[ME]: ya wallpapers?

[FRIEND]: haaan
[FRIEND]: wall paper ke liye itna time kahaan se milta hai tereko[FRIEND]: cruise ke photos mile kya?

[ME]: cruise?
[ME]: kaunsa cruise re baba

[FRIEND]: finland gaya tha cruise se

[ME]: kyaa baat kar raha hai
[ME]: kab bataayega
[ME]: jhinge....bhej photu

[FRIEND]: I thought I sent 'em

[ME]: nahi babua

[FRIEND]: id type kar tera

[ME]: [ME]@yahoo.co.in

[FRIEND]: baki public ko bhi bhej

[ME]: hau

[FRIEND]: mila kya?

[ME]: dekh raha hon

[FRIEND]: bol

[ME]: kya kar raha hai online?
[ME]: tujhe wallpapers mile kya?

[FRIEND]: haan
[FRIEND]: itna time kaha se milta hai tereko?
[FRIEND]: chal bye..gotta go

[ME]: bye
[ME]: Do you know who started Bata, when and where? Check it out for some really surprising answers !!
Look at their ultimo-cool site & once you look at their reach, their statistics and their history, I'm sure you wont even cast an eye towards all the Lee coopers etc.http://www.bata.com

[FRIEND]: rdb dekha kya?

[ME]: hau

[FRIEND]: kaisa hai?

[ME]: kal baat karte bhidu


[ME]: :d
[ME]: kya kore?
[ME]: RDB dekhi kya?
[ME]: hum log ne dekhi first day first show
[ME]: inox mein
[ME]: only Rs. 49

[FRIEND]: neeche baithke kya?

[ME]: =))


[ME]: **** ** ****
[ME]: Inox mein gaye they
[ME]: tere jhopadpatti waale ghar ke bagal waale theatre mein nahi
[ME]: wahaan koi uppar neeche waali baat nahi hoti

[FRIEND]: mere ??

[ME]: no concept of balcomny & stands

[FRIEND]: tu bhi udhar hi rehta hai

[ME]: kabhi gaya nahi hai kya multiplex mein?

[FRIEND]: itne saste mein kaise phir?

[ME]: maine tickets ek hafte pehle book kiye

[FRIEND]: aadhi film dekhi kya?

[ME]: sasta isliye kyonki INOX mein morning show discounted hota hai


[ME]: 10.00 am, 49 rupees[ME]: koi bhi film

[FRIEND]: kaisi hai?

[ME]: ek number
[ME]: ultimate hai
[ME]: totally radical man
[ME]: formula se totally parey hai

[FRIEND]: good..

[ME]: ekdum young/contemporary
[ME]: bachhe log first half mein jo aish karte hain, woh dekh ke sach mein jalan hoti hai
[ME]: appan ne lukkhe log ne kuch bhi nahi kiya

[FRIEND]: apun bajrangi hai...

[ME]: hau

[FRIEND]: jai BD

[ME]: Jai BD
[ME]: lekin BD mein ho ke bhi bahut mazaa kar sakte they
[ME]: kisime enthu hii nahi hai lekin

[FRIEND]: football khele na..

[ME]: haan
[ME]: hafte mein ek baar

[FRIEND]: aur kya chahiye

[ME]: aadha ghanta
[ME]: kabhi koi match nahi khela

[FRIEND]: chalta hai..

[ME]: koi jaanta tak nahi hum log football khelte hain ya khelte they
[ME]: :))thats the criminal word
[ME]: "chalta hai"


[ME]: naa bhai.....high time we realize
[ME]: "nahi" chalta hai
[ME]: its just one life
[ME]: we cant run through it like its a formality

[FRIEND]: then what is supposed to be done u think?

[ME]: well
[ME]: time we created a few concrete aims
[ME]: and actually strived to get them
[ME]: not academic or monetary aims
[ME]: aims about life
[ME]: BIg aims

[FRIEND]: tell me one of yours

[ME]: not something like
[ME]: getting a distinction in final sem
[ME]: OK, thats a credible aim too

[FRIEND]: ha ha...

[ME]: but then....the problem is that
[ME]: we concentrate on that too much
[ME]: give it too high a priority

[FRIEND]: yahaan pass hone ke waande hai

[ME]: tell me one thing
[ME]: none of us have done ANYTHING professionally....neither any sport, nor any hobbies, nor any presentations, nor any international meets

[FRIEND]: hmm

[ME]: nothing[
ME]: who (or what) is responsible?

[FRIEND]: we

[ME]: we are all 22 now

[FRIEND]: the people

[ME]: almost 24
[ME]: 23*

[FRIEND]: yaa..

[ME]: people ae world champions in sport at 16
[ME]: business tycoons at 25
[ME]: even if they lose it all 5 years down the line...atleast they can say they had achieved SOMETHING
[ME]: apna kya hai

[FRIEND]: life is an odessy...

[ME]: idiots hai appan log
[ME]: total idiots

[FRIEND]: not a destination

[ME]: and we are driving through the dark without our headlights on

[FRIEND]: nope...

[ME]: trusting that the wheels will turn automatically and go along the road

[FRIEND]: we r walking in the evening haze

[ME]: what the f**k does that man?
[ME]: mean*

[FRIEND]: ke hamaare paas gadi nahi hai

[ME]: sabke paas aadi hai babuaa
[ME]: kisike paas cycle, toh kisike paas ferrari
[ME]: sab cheezen rakhi thi choice ke liye
[ME]: :))hum log ne cycle uthaayi

[FRIEND]: maza cycle mein bhi hai...

[ME]: because it was easier

[FRIEND]: no....we didn't choose..

[ME]: samjhauta karo aur jeete jao....keede kii zindagi aur kutte kii maut !!

[FRIEND]: aise sochoge toh zindagi ki khushiya kho doge

[ME]: your take on life !
[ME]: to each his own
[ME]: I think its high time, atleast for me
[ME]: to do something worthwile
[ME]: and stop being a sissy and just leading life as it comes
[ME]: without any aims

[FRIEND]: have u decided somethin'?

[ME]: without anything
[ME]: I have decided to plan a few aims in life
[ME]: and go after them sincerely

[FRIEND]: like

[ME]: cant decide/pinpoint/divulge any right now
[ME]: Lets see
[ME]: One thing for sure is...."HAVE MORE FUN"
[ME]: the best way to do it is to stop what we've been doing for so long....waiting for someone else to come along.

[FRIEND]: what kinda fun?

[ME]: go out and enjoy ...go to different places, do different activities without worrying about the company
[ME]: Uptill now, we used to plan things with close friends (our gang) and then when some people opted out, the plans went haywire and everyone had to quit
[ME]: it happened so many times
[ME]: thats a classic case of waiting for someone and when that
[ME]: "someone" does not join in, the plan is cancelled
[ME]: so its like you are leading your life according to the whims and fancies of that variable "someone"

[FRIEND]: ha ha...it's up to you to decide whether to go alone or..
[FRIEND]: take someone with you

[ME]: Chal bhidu....main soney ko jaa raha hoon. Tu wahaan padhai kar, ghoom phir aur majaa kar

[FRIEND]: bye...

[ME]: I hope you do something with your life too

[FRIEND]: all the best

[ME]: And I hope 15 years down the line
[ME]: we all have atleast SOMETHING to tell our children about
[ME]: some achievement(s)

[FRIEND]: sure...

[ME]: :-hJai BD
[ME]: bye

[FRIEND]: jai bd..
[FRIEND]: bye'

Comments & brickbats welcome !




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