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Sunday, May 07, 2006

TTT (Trek To Triund)

My second post on trekking !!

I did mention about my North India trip in a previous post but I am writing this one to describe what was probably the most exciting part of my trip - a trek up the Himalayas.

Triund is a 4-5 hour trek up from the Bhagshunath temple near McLeodgunj. McLeodgunj itself is 12 KM from Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. We were staying at Dharamsala and just out of curiosity, I asked the Hotel Manager if thre was any place close to Dharamsala where we could trek. He mentioned Triund and he said that we were lucky because normally, that place is covered with snow even in April and only because of weird weather conditions (which are seen all over the world this year) the snow wasnt there. So he said that we could trek, though we needed to get back before dark. Theres a threat of snow leopards and the Himalayan bears as it gets dark. Brrrrrrrrrrr

Started out early in the morning, had decided to get up at 5:00 and leave. Told the cook to prepare breakfast by 5:00. Poor guy woke up at God-knows-what time and had the breakfast ready. We all got up at 7:30 and were down by 8:30. I apologized to the cook for freaking him up and he said "Kya karen, saab, apni toh naukri hain naa". Awesome guy, he made everything we asked for, even if it wasnt on the menu....and he made it well !!

So we started out, my friend, I and another fellow we had met on the bus to Dharamsala. Turned out that this guy was a IIT-C graduate and he hadnt done any trekking in his life. He tapped out in the first 30 minutes or so of the trek. That after many agonizingly painful stops every 10 metres of climbing. Poor guy, he just needed some practice, thats all. And climbing a steep mountain where the base itself is 7500 M a.s.l. isnt exactly a walk in the park. He went back to the hotel and we continued.

Here is a photo from the place where he turned back

On our way, we met 4 guys from Delhi. Obviously, freak ruffians, they joined us in our mission upwards.

We met a lot of foreigners on the way and surprisingly, there were very few Indians making that trek. I guess most of the Indian public had come to Dharamsala for a 'relazing' vacation. The fact that we met a German couple in their fifties makes me wonder whether that is the reason why they are such a prosperous country...they have more energy, or maybe just more enthusiasm. Well, it was tiring....maybe just as or a little more tiring that my last trek to 'Harishchandragad' in the Sahyadris. The view on this trek was AMAZING. We could see the snow clad peaks right in front of us most of the time.

We saw snow on the way. Though there wasnt really a lot of snow on the trek route, there were patches of snow lying around like this one:

We also crossed a chai-shop which is a shack built by this guy right into the mountain halfway to the top.
As this stone here claims, its been here since 1984.

We reached the top (Campsite Triund)at 2:30 in the noon and if we had to get back before dark, we had to start back within an hour. Met a bunch of other trekkers. Had a chat with a pair of guys, one fro England, the other from USA. They both agreed about the weird weather around the world and especially in England where they were having a really bad time this year. Got some snacks at a shack right up there at the top and started onwards to our return.
View at the top.

Unfortunately, the twist in the tale comes here. Only 2 of us had the energy to do a descent non-stop. I was one of the two, but mostly because of my recent practice of trekking. The other guy was very well built and obviously a roughneck. The rest were too tired to make a hurried chase. The problem wasnt bad until we realized that it gets dark quicker in the mountains. If that wasn't bad enough, it started RAINING.

Crudd, what could be worse, we were having freakin' HAILSTONES. Being the fatalist that I tend to be, I told these other 4 guys to buck up otherwise the ground would get wet and since it was mostly stones, slippery. At these heights, in this terrain, I said....slippery stones could be ...FATAL.

Oh, and as the cruel day would have it, we lost our way. Now, we were tired, it was raining, my friend could barely walk, we had lost the way, we seemed to have dead ends on all sides of where we stopped and whats more...I had a 26,000 bucks worth camera in my bag !!

Terrifying as it was, we saw this shepherd lady and we asked her to help. She showed us a way and we went on that route for barely a few metres and hit a dead end again. We had obviously strayed onto a different route altogether. She then showed us the way a few more times and we somehow managed to reach the village. Would you believe the coincidence (!!), the rain stopped as soon as we entered the village. It didnt rain for the rest of the entire week that we were there. In fact, we never saw rain in Himachal Pradesh throughout that week. WEIRD, eh?

After coming back to the hotel, our companion was already in bed, worried why we were late. Surprisingly, he TOO had lost the way and the same shepherd lady had showed him the way too. Of course, he was so terrified (and alone) that he actually paid her 50 bucks to show him the way to the village.

Had a hot water shower, got into bed at 8:30, skipped dinner and slept like a log. That must be the longest I've slept in my life.

Aaaahhhh... I read so many other blogs and read about people enjoying boozing, smoking, hanging around with their other halves etc. I wonder if they are living a more exciting life than I am. Well, for the time being, I am doing what I can to make my life more interesting. If I didnt do this, I would be the most boring guy in the world...to myself !!





  • Just realized !! The title of this post is a really awesome tongue-twister.

    Try it : Trek To Triund !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 5:47 am  

  • hey, awesome pics, especially the last one :D

    By Blogger Khushi, at 6:30 am  

  • Thunk ooo Khushi ??

    Click on that pic. It will take you to my gallery. check out the pics there when you get time.

    Heres the link anyhow : http://greatguns.zoto.com


    By Blogger GuNs, at 2:18 pm  

  • Wow, you have qute an interesting life! It seems you enjoyed a lot... I am one of those Indians who "relaz" a lot:p .
    Bechara cook and that shepherd lady (who expected to get paid!) hehe... and I can imagine your haalat on being lost...

    By Anonymous Urmi, at 2:26 pm  

  • Urmi, she didnt expect to get paid. LOL, that guy was so freaked out that he pleaded with her to show him the way...like, right upto the village.

    Cook was good. Got his photo too. That reminds me, we gotta mail that photo to them !!

    'Relaz' was a typo but then I let it be coz it sounded like a cool new term [;->].

    Haal-Behaal thaa, on get-losting !

    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:52 pm  

  • Lol... and here I thought "relaz" was a cool new term coined by you and your bajrang dal.

    By Anonymous Urmi, at 5:51 am  

  • To each his own... some people dont like adventure, and would booze instead. Let them be :)

    And less snow is better than too much snow. The latter looks good only till you step on to it :(

    By Blogger Casablanca, at 8:35 am  

  • UrMi,
    Now, the term has been formally invented. Relaz = Relax+Laze !!

    You're right. To each, his own. People have different means of having fun.

    Have you ever been in a lot of snow?? I bet thats an awesome experience in itself.

    Check the pics when you get time.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:30 pm  

  • Yup, I was in Boston and NY in December. The snow looks beautiful at first, but then it becomes slippery and slushy, and dont even get me started on how your bones freeze when you step out at -10 degrees :(

    By Blogger Casablanca, at 10:17 am  

  • Bones freeze, eh?
    I had my hands full (and my ears too) when I was in Dalhousie during that trip. God ! Thats in Early April !! Can't wonder what place will be like in December. I didnt really like it though. The temperature was too less AND it wasnt pleasant at all. Dharamsala was way better in that sense & so was Mussoorie !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:40 am  

  • A trip up north to such places has always been on my mind. I have only gone as far as Shimla and Manali a few years back, and last year did Kasauli and Chandigarh. Hopefully soon. I'm drooling at the prospect of doing Bhutan and maybe Tibet. I hear Indians can easily go into Bhutan unlike other foreigners.

    Yes, fun can be had without boozing and clubbing!

    By Blogger The Wanderer, at 2:24 pm  

  • hey! tks for dropping by my blog... Ready for a second trip to the north? I ll probably go from blore to rajastan then Himashal pradesh... feel free to join ;)

    tc elise

    PS wud also love to try to reach the everest summit. who knows... maybe when more stamina n money.

    By Blogger erasmus-in-india, at 7:49 pm  

  • i like the title that you gave..and the place..man i would like to visit it...tnkz for making me aware of such place...

    u seem to be a fast track man...and after reading ur post and u..i feel u r competent enough to help the character on crossraods

    do take a read -


    By Blogger nourish_naresh, at 10:29 pm  

  • Wanderer I would like to plagiarize that title from you, bro...but you are two steps ahead of me coz you 'wander' internationally !! [:-D] Will get there someday !

    Elise I've seen photographs of Belgium and I must say you have got an extremely beautiful country yourself. In fact, we all aim to make our coutry like Europe in terms of the economics and the cleanliness and the local governments etc. I just hope we dont lose the soul that India has while we do that.

    BTW, EVEREST SUMMIT ?? Whoa !! Are you a trained mountaineer? Oh, if you are interested in a course, the Himalayan Mountaineering Instituteconducts a basic and an advanced course in mountaineering at dirt cheap rates. Give it a shot.

    Naresh : 'Character On Crosssroads'?? Who is that?
    Thanks anyway. Glad you liked the post. The place is truly awesome. Go now if you wanna go. Its inaccessible for most part of the year due to heavy snowfall.

    Thanks all folks for the comments !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:23 am  

  • Hi Guns,
    Wonderful Blog, especially liked the narration. May be you can make another writeup on how to reach the place and all those minor details.

    I never been to trek north india, one day i hope i will (goes into my TO-DO list ), nice photos especially the last one, looks like taken by a pro.

    By Blogger Prashanth CM, at 12:16 pm  

  • Prashanth : Thanks a lot, Prashanth. Photo courtesty: my new Panasonic Lumix FZ-20. Bought it a week before leaving for North India. On the right hand panel on my blog, you will see a link to 3 different digicam sites. Read up some super-detailed info on all digicams at any of those sites. They all proclaim the FZ-20 to be the best in its range.

    To get there is not a difficult thing. You have to reach Dharamsala which is 4 hours from Pathankot.

    So, its Delhi--12hr-->Pathankot--4hr-->Dharamsala--1hr-->McLeodgunj--10min-->Bhagshunath temple--5hr trek-->Campsite Triund at the top

    Hope thats helpful. Any more info on almost anywhere in those regions, feel free to drop a line.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:44 pm  

  • wow..amazing! Thanks for the post and photos. Hope I get to go there sometime.

    By Blogger Usha, at 1:14 pm  

  • you sure the shepard lady was real? Me thinks she was a ghost...

    What would a ghost do with money?


    By Blogger Shradha, at 5:57 pm  

  • Usha : Thanks. If you need any help on the planning on your North India trip, dont hesitate to drop me a line.

    Shradz : Why dont you send your resume to Tulsi Ramsay or something? You can make a good scrit writer.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:39 pm  

  • Trekking is fun !
    Anyone from Pune wanna join us for our next trip (notice I didnt use 'trek') to Janjira?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 4:34 pm  

  • Gone through the photos as well..it took me almost 20 min...my old fingers have gone more twisty like your "TTT"...is there a way to see these photos sort of like slideshow...next time..!
    Awesome photos though worth going through ...reminded me of the time when I did this trek...! I just wanted to ask you... did you find these "Stone Plaques" with messages written on them by various.. people... mostly Firangs...I was there very long time... so this " Chai Shop " reminded me of those plaques...!
    Just curious...!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:11 pm  

  • Anonymous :
    LOL, you are still anonymous !! Oh well...thanks for the comment anyhow.

    Slideshow [:(]. Zoto sadly doesnt support anything of that sort. They do provide it on using one of their custom galleries but the look on that sucks big time.

    http://greatguns.zoto.com/galleries/greatguns/ Maybe this will be some respite though this doesnt contain all the photos. Its just a subset of the entire collection. ITs a little easier to browse through though.

    As for the plaques, I didnt see any. I'm not sure if we looked hard enough. Are these plaques present on the route at random places or at some specific place at the start or the end of the route?

    I'm amused to know you did that trek too. Very few people I've met are aware of a place called Triund though its popular in the Himachal. Do you have a photo gallery yourself?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 1:09 pm  

  • Look who's talking... you are great Guns... and you have problem with " Anonymus".... actually its not my fault... when I write this comment - it gives me 3 choice and then ask for do u have blog... ans is NO... then it says about some web page... ans is NO... so that leaves me with " Anonymous"...lol!

    Thx... next time will go through the shorter album... yeah it could be the connection speed which might have been lil bit slow...!

    No - its ok...you are right even I know very few people those who are aware of Triund.. in fact when I was going through yr Blog it came as a Good surprise...u know evoking the memories..!

    I have been to few places in Himachal - however right now my love of life is Uttranchal and " Indo/ Nepalese Himalayan Range" - and yes Kailash...ultimate destination !! Divine place....!( I am sold on that just by seeing pics...)

    Photos....my album is really not that vast...Ok if you are really keen send me your email id... and I will send you the link...!

    Bye for now...tk care

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:52 pm  

  • Anon :Oh, I was wiki-ing for Mount Everest and ended up spending the entire day at office reasing about a lot of the major mountains like Everest, K2, Kanchenjunga, Kailash etc.

    Its amazing, the story of these mountaineers. "Go up there to die?? No...I went up there to live !" Read that recently !! Amazing.

    Kailash is one of the few mountains there which have not been climbed yet coz its considered sacred by 3 religions. Try wiki-ing. You'll get AMAZING detailed info.

    BTW...ROTFL. How can I SEND you my email ID? lol...I dont have any contact info of you !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 4:50 pm  

  • Thanks so much for the information - I did try... wiki-ing -may be I am not writing it correct...however its appearing as something else...:-(
    I am ok though as I have some good reading material written by people those who have made the trip..! If you can refer the books - that would be great as I love reading..travel books...!
    Oh yes - Kailash/ Om Parvat amazing... pics..and such natural phenomenon....of forming the icons! Yes that trip is a must...! Just need dough...lol..!Once me and my friends were trying to hatch this plan of becoming " Pitthu's or coolies" those who travel with these groups....to Kailash... lol... we were that desperate...! We still are... though now more on saving for this trip..!
    bye & tk care -

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:04 pm  

  • Go to www.wikipedia.com and search for any of the names like Kailash, Everest, K2, Kanchenjunga etc.

    Check some of these links on the site:




    Each article has hundreds of words which are linked to related articles within it. Feel free to click those words to go the article on that specific word.

    Try it and tell me how your wiki-ing experience goes. I havent read any books (though I am reading one on trekking in the Sahyadris. Its called "Trek The Sahyadris" by Harish Kapadia). You find a lot of info on the net. Moreover, just wiki-ing will give you more than enough info. If that isnt sufficient, each wiki article carries a set of links at the bottom where you can find more info. Cool eh?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:55 pm  

  • Thx, was able to visit 1 site...yes quite extensive notes....actually am so much running out of time...that I should not be doing all this....surfing web for treks...!anyways...i still have to go through other links.... there were not many pics....which was disappointing... well not that much as I have gone through 17 rolls of pics taken on Kailash/ mansarovar....so i can just close my eyes and the views of that magnificent gigantic lake comes in front of me... or the natural phenomenon of om parvat or 3rd eye...kailash parvat....!

    Will wade through more on the links...and will write... thanks once again for sharing information...!Byee.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:28 pm  

  • Anon : 17 rolls? WHOA !!
    No problem on the links. Didnt take me any trouble. You keep reading and commenting. Do write about your own trips.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:32 am  

  • I once went alone to Dharamsala,Mc leodgunj from Delhi and I was on to trek Triund out of my curiosity to see the snow capped mountains and it was my first trek and it was really a great breath taking experience of mine. Walking along the edges of the snow mountains where a slghtest mistake could and should leads to slip and ultimately death!! I slipped many times but could hold on my breath and was helped by fellow trekkers..
    I would be happy if you can mail me ur triund trip pics as zoto removed all ur fotos here..my email adress; sunil.konda898@gmail.com
    Also see my youtube TTT(trek to triund)

    By Anonymous sunil konda, at 7:21 pm  

  • NOTE TO READERS: I have a large collection of photographs that I took during my trek to Triund. Unfortunately, ZOTO.com, the image hosting site where I had my album decided to go paid-only and thus I lost all my photographs there. Click here to read all about it.

    I have not put them up on-line on any other website but I would be happy to share them with you if you need. Please email me or leave a comment on my blog if you need the photos.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 5:35 pm  

  • heyy great blog.. am planning a trip to tirund on 10th oct could you share some pics of ur trip.. would be of real help convincing my other friends :)... please mail the same on vishal.makhija1@wipro.com ... thanks a lot man... also is it better to stay at dharamshala or mcleod ganj... did u get to see the dalai lama on ur trip by any chance...

    By Anonymous Vishal, at 5:25 am  

  • Hi Vishal,

    Best of luck with your trip.

    I unfortunately did not get time to see any of the monasteries. If you have time, you could do that and if you are lucky, you might be able to catch the Dalai Lama.

    We stayed at the Youth Hostel in the Kangra Valley. That is about 10 KM down the mountain. Kangra, Palampur etc. are accessible from there. So you have that option too. Plus, Kangra isn't as crowded as Dharamsala.

    I will try to email you some pictures from Triund. Do let me know how your trip goes.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 8:45 am  

  • So I finally trekked in triund, it was a awesome road trip actually covering Ludhiana ( where we drove tractors ), amristar ( the fame golden temple, and the jalianwala bagh, kesar da dhaba was like the real thing in terms of food which floated in ghee and butter but damn was it good and hopped to the wagah border which was like brilliant during the parade time and then finally dharamshala aka mcleod ganj , and finally the best part the treck to triund, at the onset thanks ganesh for the pics, helped me convince my mates for the trip… so we started at about 3 In the afternoon from dharamkot , a cab from mc leod ganj helped as we stayed in a motel right there… with all the beauty seen while climbing …. Its like I went back 8 years just that then in boarding never really realized how awesome treckking could get, we’d climb up like nomads, but this was a grueling task specially the last 1 and a half hours… we had planned to stay the night in tents on triund and damn was it worth it … we reached at 7 30 to truind after all the stops and the resting and pictures and videos , and it was awesome as it was pitch darkkk but thanks to the second shop aka the last shop before truind we armed ourselves with torches and who was stopping us now , I was young again, we climbed in the chilly weather at night and triund was like -2 degrees that night, 2 jackets and 4 quilts and some rum and we were chill chilly , but we loved it… we had couple of foreigners as company in triund and the local guys who had their shops, we had a nice born fire, drank , ate hot maggi, and sometimes talked , and mostly just sat to hear the noise I hadn’t heard in so many years…. The howl of the wind, and even in the pitch I could see the snowline and it was stupendous… I was in peace with myself after soo many years… it was exactly how I imagined…. The night came and we were exhausted as we hadn’t slept for soo many days due to our road trips…. Even the road trip was brilliant as we traveled mostly at night to save time, and wld end up watching a movie or so in our “mini theatre” in the hired car… the next morning we got up early as we had to go back to delhi that night itself, we had the snowline and the waterfall to cover… now I tell u I heard the waterfall was like 45 mins away butt ohh I think the roads weree like realllllll narroowwww and to top it all it was like rainingggg when we walked towards the waterfall , the roads to the waterfall are like reall messyy…. And I was cursing my friend who pushed us for this… as anyways I was so exhausted with the previous climb and the lack of sleep, it took a grueling one hour to reach there and the pouring rain had made the roads soo messy that couple of times I slipped on the moss of the rocks butt once we reached omg it was beautifuulllll… the water was purer than mineral water but it was like freezzinnnn colddd… as we entered in the water my legs frozeee after just 9 seconds, but it was worth it , … oh also the best part there was thiss realllyy niceee awesomeee dogg who showed us the way, the way is more difficult than triund and as we reached he went back with some other ppl and am sure showed them the way , it was too cute… and after we changed and started the journey back after an hour out there, we had a awesome pit stop literally in the middle of the jungle and it simply felt vanilla beautiful.. anyways I cld go on but wont bore ganesh’s readers more… so signing out… do visit triund when u get the time .. also visited the monastery though didn’t get to see dalai lama as he was out of the country then… Triple T was the best break I cld ask for ….

    By Anonymous Vishal, at 5:52 am  

  • http://www.mcllo.com ” An Informative, Travel and local Community Website of Dharamsala,Mcleodganj and Kangra Valley Himachal Pradesh”

    Dharamsala and Dalai Lama Information.

    A guide to few facts and resources to Dharamsala,Mcleodganj.
    Information about Dalai Lama , His Teachings, Local News Information.

    By Blogger travelholic.himalayas, at 6:57 pm  

  • I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:29 pm  

  • Hi! your pics are no longer viewable along with the article. Are they displayed anywhere else?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:38 pm  

  • Hi! your pics are no longer viewable along with the article. Are they displayed anywhere else?

    By Anonymous scriblerus, at 5:39 pm  

  • hi.. i just went to triund before a week.the track had zg zag paths..triund ws not so stretcherous . infact beyond triund there comes the magic cafe then you can go to indrahara pass via caves.. i along wid my friends did that in a day from duna devi {dulu devi is diff}.. the track from guna devi is like goin from one mountain to another.. first you have to come down to base den u have to climb anothr mountain..we enjoyed a lott... everyone must go to indrahara pass.. but indrahara is next to impossible for new comers..once u clear tht u feel like u ve won the world.. the beautiness of himalayan ranges are fantabulously fantastic.. i love himachals..truely..krupsssyy

    By Blogger krupsssyy, at 9:46 pm  

  • By Blogger 吳宗憲Steven, at 10:34 am  

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    So this blog really doing great for me.

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    By Blogger naveed ahmad khan, at 8:33 am  

  • Hay I can relate to your trekking story……I also went to Triund in last Feb …and had an amazing experience in that Trekker Paradise ……I can imagine how you felt when you lost your way in the hills …..I think best is you need to go with someone who knows the place …..Do Visit my blog also….

    By Blogger Parnashree, at 8:23 am  

  • Hay....Thanks for your comment ....but i will not recommend you to visit Dharamshala now..as its monsoon season ....If you really want to visit , then you should visit on September ....For further information i am giving you an link ....
    talk to the guy Called Sansar who is the owner of this company called Himalayan Quest.....he will give you all the intricate information about ur visit to Dharamsahla and he is my very good friend....you can get the no in his website only....if you want you can give my reference if you want....but please do let me know after u decide anything on it....

    By Blogger Parnashree, at 5:32 pm  

  • By Blogger gaohui, at 9:00 am  

  • Wonderful Post. But the photos link seem to be broken. Is it just on my browser?

    By Anonymous Himalayan Wanderer, at 3:08 pm  

  • Yes the site which hosted my photos took them down suddenly and decided to go paid-only.

    By Anonymous GuNs, at 6:43 pm  

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