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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Thats how old I am - in days.
Here is what I meant to type in under the post named 23 but after receiving so many nice comments on that post, I stopped myself from spoiling the mood and typing this into that post. So, I'll put it up as a new post altogether.

Its actually a mail I sent out to a friend. I did post an email earlier as well. That was written to that friend too. Anyhow, read on !!

Hey [snip]

Thanks a ton for the wishes. Thanks for staying up late and calling me at midnight. No one's ever done that before. Sorry I slept early and couldnt answer your call. Surprisingly though, my friend from Chandigarh did exactly the same and in the morning, I read 2 similar SMSs that said something like "Your phone is useless coz you never answer it". LOL, one was yours and the other was hers.

You are right. It was a good year, an eventful year. I did a lot of things which were new. I did a lot of things which were pleasant. But somehow, every birthday, I cant seem to help myself from feeling down The main reason is my thought process suddenly points out and says I am a year older, a year more of being a nobody. I don’t like being a nobody, I don’t want to live my life being a nobody. I wanted to establish myself in SOME field before I was out of my teens but it was like getting rudely shaken out of a dream.

Another thing that bugs me all the time is this inherent feeling of being single. Not so much as not having a girlfriend but more like ….being "lonesome" would be a better way to put it. I want to have friends whom I can call up every day. Friends whom I can meet up every evening and have fun. Why cant I have someone who always has the time when I do? Why don't I have friends who call me up everyday and ask how was my day. I want to go out in the evening and play something. Maybe not football. Maybe cricket in the lawn, like we used to play at Sam's place when we were in school. Maybe kabaddi, maybe pakda-pakdi, maybe eye-spy…maybe just a walk down the old road, down to the skating rink. Anything !! I just hate being a working professional who has no time after coming back from office.

People say growing older is growing wiser. I don’t want to grow wiser. The more you know, the more you have to worry about. I want to be as naïve as I was when I was younger. I don’t want to live a stressful life. If its too much I am asking for, why can't I have friends whom I can share my stress with. Talk about it, crib about it, laugh about it and let it go.

I'm 23 today and I cant help it. I’ll live my life as I have been living. With cheer and a optimistic approach. I will go see more places, meet new people. I wont stop trying to get back with old friends and I wont back off from challenges. But all the while, I will be waiting for that special day when I am face to face with my dreams…face to face with an opportunity.

Thanks for being my friend.
[snip] !!

P.S. : I know its stupid but I was about to write a b'day post on my blog and I just realize your mail made me pour out all that I had in mind. Would you mind if I post this mail? I will of course, remove your name from it.



  • Belated happy happy birthday, have to rush now, will come back and read the post and comment properly later, when i return from goa :)

    By Blogger Kusum Rohra, at 1:49 pm  

  • --peace with guns?!

    That sounds familiar - I know you from some place else :) and I am very sure abt it hehe :D

    Came here through greatbong, and was surprised to see the familiar face!

    Happy bday anyways!



    By Blogger Supremus, at 5:46 pm  

  • You do??
    Oh ho ho ho!!

    yeah ! I see your pic now.
    Suyog, brother !!

    What a coincidence. I tried M2Ming you but your account has been flagged or something on mouthshut. You had a tiff with those guys, didn't you?

    How is you and what is you doing these days? Nice to see you blogging too. Maybe blogging is a natural successor to reviewing.

    Welcome and you automatically add your blog into my blogmarks !


    P.S. : Had a 'discussion' on greatbong on that RDB post. Guess you must have read it. Sorry if GB is your friend and I hurt your feelings.

    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:46 pm  

  • "People say growing older is growing wiser " Yeah, some grow older some, grow bolder and some balder too, and few grow from all four sides (hey, round is also a shape)...it's all about the 'growth'. The biggest irony is during child hood we cant wait to grow up to be elders and once when you are 'grown up' you want to become child all over again. Funny isn't it?

    The funda is Never to sound 'childish' among elders and 'grown up' among childerns :)

    Hope soon you'll find your Bal (girl friend) and bachhe ...that wont take much time ;), Enjoy your days.

    By Blogger Prashanth CM, at 6:47 am  

  • now luk wot u did with this post of urs!!!...u made me nostalgic and miss the good ol dez sooooooo much!!!

    By Blogger Dreamy Eyed Gal, at 5:55 pm  

  • Prashanth : Except the "all four sides", I am growing in all the other areas you mentioned !! Good observation ! Bachhe wont take much time but its the 'baal' thats taking a lot of it !!

    Dreamy Eyed Gal : You identify with what I've written too? Are your friends slowly getting (or acting, like some people I know) more busy?? Weird eh?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:37 pm  

  • Arre nothing like that man -everyone is entitled to their opinions. You made excellent points too on the gb's post.


    By Blogger Supremus, at 9:50 pm  

  • Suyog :Thanks, I think so too. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and if one chooses to air it, one should be ready for the praise from people who appreciate it and criticism from people who do not.

    Baaki batao, what do you do these days and where are you living now?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 5:30 am  

  • if u do the GT as well as i do,u never get caught:D

    By Blogger Zii, at 3:00 pm  

  • Naah munna.
    I didnt study engineering, so didnt have to go through the crappy useless stuff that you people go thru in first year.

    LOL, I went thru crappy useless stuff for FIVE years instead !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 3:33 pm  

  • Hey! Hi!

    You were on Mouthshut too? I was there too - crimemastergogo.. :-)

    Belated Happy Birthday to you!:-)

    Must keep visiting this site! :-)


    By Blogger Nirwa, at 12:58 pm  

  • Hey Nirwa !

    Thats weird ! Did you read any of my review on mouthshut? I am there as great_guns. http://www.mouthshut.com/user/great_guns.html

    Oh and lol, CrimeMasterGogo...I thought you were a guy !! What made you adopt THAT nickname?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:27 pm  

  • My love for Gogoji ka ghaghra! :D

    I absolutely love that character! :-)


    By Blogger Nirwa, at 9:13 am  

  • Hey Nirwa,

    I just love that movie myself. Andaz Apna Apna. Tons of movies have come and gone after that but none of them were as good as AAA. The only ones which came close were Hera Pheri and Munnabhai MBBS.

    Checking out your MS profile now.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:30 am  

  • happy bday guns

    dont you worry. I have realised after long wanderings and sessions at watering holes and quarterlife crisis that if there is something that never changes in life that is this feeling on the day of your next bday. i know that is not comforting..but i never said i will be :p

    and Bal milne se baal chal jayegi.. so careful on that one

    By Blogger kanags, at 10:41 am  

  • Kanags : Hey bro, you weren't comforting allright but you damn sure were convincing !!

    LOL, thanks for the wishes. Baal toh ek din jaane hi hain, bal mile, na mile. Looking at your pic, it sure seems you've got yourself a very nice bal yourself [;-D]. Kyun, biraadar?

    I think this quarter life crisis is a bit overrated. I feel the same since I was far far away from quarter life. Donno whats the solution though !

    Thanks for writing !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 12:09 pm  

  • dude.. that was not cos of one bal.. multitude of bals so now i am bal-less :p ok that doesnt sound good.. but what the heck..

    By Blogger kanags, at 4:07 pm  

  • Multitude??
    Kanags, brother...do you take classes? Inform me about the fee structure, the duration and the curriculum of the course [:-P]


    By Blogger GuNs, at 5:43 am  

  • u know wat..i might have felt the same..except that some of my friends are with me at work....so its sooo much better... :) and thankfully we dont work on the same project!!

    By Blogger Di, at 7:44 am  

  • Di :I guess you must be really lucky to have all your old friends working with you. Do you get time to hang out with them though? I mean, in office I am sure the conversations are restricted to those half an hour interactions at lunch time but do you get to go out with them in the evenings or on weekends? If you do, then you really ARE lucky.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 8:20 am  

  • By Blogger 文章, at 9:23 am  

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