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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Four-day vacation

Four day vacation !!
Where did I go??
Ermm...nowhere really. [:-P]

Ever since I've finished college, the meaning of that word "vacation" has changed so drastically. Now, it just means a multiple-day off from routine. In school, vacation was 2 months, in college, one month. Since I've started working, anything more than 2 days off is a vacation.

26th Jan was a Thursday & a holiday for the republic day. Bunked 27th and then that was followed by the weekend. So, that made the 4-day "vacation" possible.

We went down to watch "Rang De Basanti" in Inox, first day first show. I'd booked the tickets early last week and we were all eagerly looking forward to this movie. --- "I'm a REBEL" --- It didn't bely our expectations and it was everything that I had hoped for. A totally radical movie shot radically & naratted radically. I can write 15 pages reviewing the movie but I'll let go of that chance & just say that I hope atleast this movie inspires some people to do something about the present. People seem to learn all the bad things, bad attitude, bad habbits, bad style etc. from the movies but everyone seems to be shy of following good messages from the movies.

The movie also made me sit up and realize that I've already finished college & 've already passed my teenage 3 years ago. I've done nothing that I would be proud to tell my children. This movie reminded me that I seriously need to start having some real fun before I am too old to do so.

How do I do it? Gimme suggestions !!

Had played football the evening before. 6 people, after a long long time. Too bad we didnt play the rest of the days. We all did come to the ground on 26th but a majority polled that they were too tired to be able to play football. I left the ground disappointed. When I am on the ground, I'm there to play and not to sit & gossip.

27th evening, we went to the city to buy shoes. My friend & I bought a pair of Woodlands each. He got semi formals & I got some weird/ hybrid casual ones. Walked around on MG Road & had ice creams at 10:00 in the night (though it seemed a bit stupid to be doing that on the coldest day in Pune this year at 5.5 dC).

The day of 28th dawned and the 2 guys who'd come to visit home from their jobs in Karnataka had to leave. Spent most of the day at their place enjoying their last day of stay with us. These 2 guys have been our cronies, our henchmen in all the various (yet limited) adventures that we've been through. We always have fun when the whole gang is back together and these 2 form an integral part of that gang. Sadly, even these guys show signs of the "working-guy" syndrome already. As I'd said in my earlier post, lack of enthusiasm is a sure formula for failure & I hope these guys and every one else in my circle get back their enthusiasm somehow.

Today is Sunday, the 29th. Sunday evenings are the most boring with thoughts of the next 5 days of hard labour juggling around in the brain. I guess the only way to get out of this weekend-to-weekend life is by freaking out at the weekends. Maybe watch a movie or go out on a short one or two day trip to someplace. I think by doing that, I'll be having fun on the weekend rather than thinking about what work I'd be doing 2 days later when the next week starts. A relaxed mind & confidence coupled with positive thoughts fuel the drive to success.

Feels good to write again though I desparately need to read more. Its been my biggest hobby and my most relaxing activity since a very long time now. I realize that whenever I read actively, I am in a much better state of mind to do new things and have an open approach towards life.

4 days are over and its back to work tomorrow. Thank God my company's taken care to make sure I have all of what I described above on the next 2 weekends !!

Jai Bajrang Bali !!



  • How to have fun? When was the last time you did something for the first time? Try out new things, go bungee jumping, learn a new language,do some volunteer work, feed a street dog, visit new places.

    Of course it is easy to preach I myself am not having as much fun as I would like to have.

    Btw I am watching RDB again :)

    By Blogger Shradha, at 10:47 am  

  • Hey Shradz !

    Good ideas those. I am totally perplexed by bungee jumping. It seems crazy enough to break your neck. NO Bungee jumping for me. I might try para-gliding though. We came close to doing that in Matheran last time.

    Visiting new places is on the highest priority list now. I desperately need to find smoe willing company !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 12:43 pm  

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