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Friday, February 17, 2006

One night at the software firm


Never thought I'd write something like this. I mean, I knew this was inevitable, working late in a software industry but I always believed that I had it in me to be different and break this tradition. I still feel that sincerely but I am somehow scared now.

On Monday the 13th, I came into office after having a real blast over the weekend at my company's annual function. It was awesome and had a lot of fun and got to know a lot of interesting people. But On Monday, I went home as usual on time. As I reach home, suddenly my PL calls up and tell me that there's a lot of work pending and that I should take up responsibility and do it, not run away. He did sound pretty pissed. So I offered to come back to office immediately. He agreed and I went back to office at 8:00. Sat through the night till 1:30 and then I got tired and went to sleep. Next morning, left for home at 8:00 in the morning and came back to office at 11:00. Just 3 hours at home [:.-(]. Again, I worked till 1:00 in the night but this time, I told my PL that I am going home. I went home and on Wednesday, I came at 12:00 in the noon and there was absolutely no work. But in the evening, he told me I cant go home on time because I had to wait till they finished the build or something. So again, I had to wait till 9:00 pm.

I hate the feeling that its inevitable to work late. I feel it cuts out my independence. In all the year or so of experience that I had, I have almost never worked even 15 minutes after office time. I've done so only two or three times and that too because I was waiting for someone. In one case, my PM and in the other case, for the HR.

2 days of this makes me hate my job now. I feel I have been pushed down the very drain that I had been standing on the edge of all this while and not tipping over. I dont want to stay in that drain - I dont want to work late again. I want to be free and only work in office hours and have the rest of the time for me.

God, help me on this one !



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