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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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A mail I wrote to a friend today:
I am still not sure what I write in it, so I will just tell you what I am doing these days.

Am going to office, reading comics, browsing sites, uploading my photos, checking emails etc. and playing TT. In between that, I also do a little bit of documentation work that has been assigned to me. Generally its getting boring here because the new office is much bigger and its mostly empty. The good
thing is that I no longer sit next to my ML and that guy is not my ML any more. with the new version coming in, my ML is a different person and she sits opposite to me and so she cant see what I am doing.[:-D]
If I take my checklist and mark it for the last week since I am home, I am sure I will get mostly 0 hits. Maybe I will get one hit per day for 'spend time with family' entry. Thats not a good thing. Good thing is that we played football this weekend. YAY !! After ages, literally. Hope we do it again next week. That reminds me, I gotta bug the HR about the office football team again.
The frustration of being in a job just grows and grows. But I must admit, taking that long break REALLY did help me. I still dont like it here but atleast I am not as freaked out as I was before the vacation. I still feel uneasy about the fact that I want to do something else (I dont exactly know what) but I cant do it as long as I am working here.

Also, the thought of being single crops up once in a while and bugs me. I generally dont think about that person too much these days but theres no way I can stop thinking about that person as my best (and only) bet. Maybe thats a faulty outlook but I am willing to carry it until I find something more interesting or until it starts interfering with my day-to-day life and my thinking. 3 years !! I dont think theres anyone who could stand an acid-test like that. I always knew I was a patient guy but I always thought that I'd forget all about it in a year or so. But its 3 years now and we;ve only spoken 8 or 10 times in all that period. As Kenny Rogers sang, "but, I still hold on".
Other than that, my travel lust is on a grow. I realize its such a high to travel new places, meet new people and see things which are totally alien to your knowledge. I realize there's beauty everywhere and so is malice. The more you travel, the wiser you are. I think people learn a lot more from the world itself than they do from books and studies.


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