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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I hear.....I think, I agree

Ghar Baar Nahin
Sansar Nahin
Mujhse Kisi Ko Pyaar Nahin
Us Paar Kisise Milne Ka Iqraar Nahin
Mujhse Kisi Ko Pyaar Nahin
Sunsaan Nagar Anjaan Dagar Ka Pyara Hoon
Awaara Hoon...

Abaad Nahin Barbaad Sahi
Gata Hoon Khushi Ke Geet Magar
Zakhmon Se Bhara Seena Hai Mera
Hansti Hai Magar Yeh Mast Nazar
Duniya....Duniya Maein Tere Teer Ka
Ya Taqdeer Ka Maara Hoon
Awaara Hoon...

-Mukesh "Awaara Hoon" from Awaara

Anhoni Path Mein Kaante Lakh Bichaaye
Honi To Phir Bhi Bichhda Yaar Milaye
Yeh Birha, Yeh Doori
Do Pal Ki Majboori
Phir Koi Dilwala Kahe Ko Ghabraye
Taram Pam...
Dhara Jo Behti Hai Milke Rehti Hai
Behti Dhara Ban Ja
Phir Duniya Se Bol
Ek Din Bik Jaayega Maati Ke Mol
Jag Mein Reh Jaayege
Pyaare Tere Bol

-Mukesh "Ek Din Bik Jaayega Maati Ke Mol" from Dharam Karam


  • What lyrics! And what melodies!

    Although Mukesh isn't quite my favourite singer of yore (always found him way too nasal), still these melodies are nothing but absolute classics.



    By Anonymous Karan, at 9:11 pm  

  • yeah the oldies do have philosophies ingrained unlike majority of today's lyrics that are nothin but inforced rhymes... the only exception, I wud say is Gulzar, my fav lyricist:)

    By Anonymous soulitary reaper, at 5:34 am  

  • n ya, I agree too...

    By Anonymous soulitary reaper, at 5:35 am  

  • Karan :Yeah, Mukesh did have a unique voice which came close to being nasal but I just love the way his songs sound due to that. I CANNOT imagine Kabhi Kabhie sung by anyone else creating the same magic... or a Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar. I was listening to these songs on my mp3 player yesterday and I felt that this is a great way to put what I am feeling right now.

    Reaper : Samir (the lyricist) should be shot dead, RDB style. Hes making crap of the concept called songs. Songs like "O Mere Dil ke Chain" didnt even rhyme perfectly but they made for PERFECT songs. Now what he have is a permutation of a bunch of words like Saajan, Saaan, Dil, Kaatil, Iqraar, Inkaar, Aetbaar etc. and lyrics created around them with some filler words.

    Agree = you feeling the same way at this point of time?
    (Thats what I meant when I changed the title from "I hear" to "I hear...I think, I agree"


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:26 am  

  • another Mukesh fan!
    lovely songs!!
    u have a good taste 4 music it seems!

    By Blogger ketki, at 12:22 pm  

  • Ketki : My music taste?? Look at my profile page and the sidebar here on this blog. LOL people have told me its as messy as a railway line in July in Mumbai (he he...thats a new phrase invented by yours truly..I hold ALL copyrights now...)


    By Blogger GuNs, at 12:43 pm  

  • I like the second one. :)

    By Blogger Shradha, at 3:43 pm  

  • ya can't agree more, that guy should be kicked out, but u know, the sad fact is it sells... n ya "i agree too" was a response to the title:) n more so coz of the first song:)

    By Anonymous soulitary reaper, at 6:13 pm  

  • Shradha :Both those songs are right up there in my favourite few. Incidentally, Dharam Karam was the last film Mukesh sang for. I think that song is his last hit before his death. Beautiful farewell, isn't it? "Jag mein reh jaayenge, pyaare tere bol".

    Reaper :Blue is the word. Something I will write on in my next post !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:57 pm  

  • Hi Guns,
    There is no doubt those are the gem's of Indian Music. The music which touches your heart and soul are the real music. Rest is like '...facing the music' :).


    By Blogger Prashanth CM, at 6:58 pm  

  • Prashanth :"Facing the music". LOL, especially someone called Himesh Reshammiya and Anu Mallik !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:00 am  

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