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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Unbreakable or Insensitive?

Lets take a look at the US. Al-Qaeeda claimed the biggest attack in the world on 9/11/01. But has anyone ever thought why, not even a single American has been killed in another attack in the USA in the last 5 years ?? Its because of the attitude, the stance.

Here, the PM condemns the blast and everything is rosy again. Soon, rosy turns into bloody red and the cycle continues.

What I dont understand is why people don't protest. Why do people go to work now? I think all the working class except the doctors and other essential service should sop functioning. Turn Mumbai off for a week. With the financial capital off, the repercussions will be huge and only then, the government will know the seriousness of the problem and actually do something about it. Why dont people say "I am not going to work until you find the killers" instead of saying "I dont care how many of my brothers you kill, I WILL GO TO WORK. I am insensitive to the killings". Thats what the government wants. A lot of rope to try and manouver out of the situation with the minimum possible work and responsibility. I think its high time the working middle class stood up and SAID something.

People stay home when political parties declare "bandhs" for their own selfish interests. Maybe my attitude is incorrect but to me, it seems as if in the attempt to keep the spirit of Mumbai alive, they (the people) are allowing the government to slip away with making a committee and sitting on it for years without doing anything.

Disappointed !

Hoping for

--WiTh (or without)


  • I guess you and I are thinking on the same lines! Or probably everyone is thinking about the Mumbai terror attacks on the same lines! btw your comment to my previous blog is probably the best response I have ever had!


    By Blogger Balaji, at 8:20 am  

  • Sorry, I have to disagree with you. You are saying that by hurting the finances we causing the "government" hard so that they take action. But you are forgetting that we are hurting ourselves. If the businesses lose money, they won't pay enough taxes and hence no money to run the country.

    If we have that kind of unity, we could show it in elections by electing somebody who we trust will take the right action.

    In fact, in this situation I don't even know what the right action is. Going to war on some country like hte arrogant America did is not an option. We don't have that kind of resources or stupidity. We have no alternative than to follow what Mahatma taught us... peace and diplomacy! Government can certainly do better by putting more pressure on Pak.

    I will stop before the comment gets longer than the post.

    Good blog by the way.. I will keep reading

    By Blogger Bindu, at 8:26 am  

  • Yes, protesting is a great idea, but without political backup it might not bear any fruit. The biggest trouble with India right now - The lack of a decent or credible opposition!

    No one seems to be willing to take the Government to task!


    By Anonymous jedi, at 9:12 am  

  • I think the only reason the people are standing up and going for work is coz they want the ppl behind the attacks to realize that they're not scared. Even if they didnt go to work for a week in order to have the government hear their voice, it simply wouldnt help coz they'd be the ones getting affected by it and not the govt. After a week the Govt wouldnt have been able to do shit anyways and the hole that they're already in would only be getting deeper. Instead they should pump up security and let the ppl know that they care and the trains they travel on are safe.

    On a completely different note, I am very curious to know whose behind these attacks. I wonder if the government has the competancy to track them down. I seriously doubt it.

    By Blogger ScarS, at 10:02 am  

  • Thanks for the comments guys. I'd just like to make one thing clear though.
    I have a lot of respect for the resilience of Mumbaikars. The help that the affected have received will stand testimony to that fact. What I wish to see it that resilience being used to stand up and voice their opinion and force the government to stop its corrupt and vote-gathering politics and do something concrete, once and for all


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:18 am  

  • Balaji :Thanks for visiting my blog regularly. I am glad there are people who agree with my opinion. This is an incident that has vast implications and hence has a vast range of responses that are generated amongst the general public. Do you mean my comment on the blog about why India isnt at the world cup?

    Bindu :You are right in your own way Bindu. Hurting yourself if a way of protest that Mahatma Gandhi himself propogated by going on hunger strikes. What big deal is a week's pay less? I am not generalizing but there has to be SOME WAY of kicking the government in its backside and making them get to work. People responsible for the '93 blasts are either away in Pakistan/Dubai or are facing charges. Its been 13 years and nothing concrete has been done yet. As long as the middle class sits down and does not DEMAND action, the government will be happy to pass a few statements and condolences.

    We seem to have tried everything possible by way of talks. Talks with separatists, POK leaders, Pak presidents, US officials, UN, Interpol. How many doors do we have to knock on?

    War is a last option. But mind you, it HAS to be an option. War against terror...against ESTABLISHED and PROVEN terrorist organizations, against whom you have documentary evidence. You cant tolerate hundreds of people being killed everywhere all around India. One day or the other, the target will be someone we know personally. Maybe then we would have a different opinion.

    Thanks a lot for caring to comment. Its always good to hear different points of view on subjects. BTW, were you referred to my blog by someone?

    Jedi :You are right. A disorganized, stupid protest where essential services are affected and poor innocent people are harmed is crime. You need to have an organized protest. Like each batch of organizations shutting shop after mutual understanding. Like software companies, textile associations, non-essential goods manufacturers and retail outlets...Organization is essential.

    Scars :Thanks for coming back, brother.
    You are right. A week might not be enough. But it will get the government off its rocker atleast. Maybe it can be extended till the populace gets some evidence that the government is actually doing something.

    Any amount of patrolling is less. With the amount of crowd in Mumbai's local trains, its easy as a pie for you and me to take a backpack and drop it in the killing crowd inside a local train. In fact, all these years that I've visited Mumbai, I always thought about such a situation. I always thought that if a terrorist wants to kill innocent people, this is fool-proof. You can kill hundreds of people as easy as a pie because there is no security and its a logistical nightmare to scrutinize every person that travels on a suburban local train.

    Your point taken though. Maybe there is a middle way somewhere. But unless people STOP and look, I don't see one.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:34 am  

  • Guns matey I think u have a very profound message in this post...brilliant thinking and very genuine. Thanks for putting up something I always wanted to voice too - that's DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS WITHOUT JUST GOING ON WITH OUR LIVES. Unfortunately not many people really want to do that...cos all they think is abt their onw wallet and their own families. As long as nothing happens to them, life goes on. So how do we achieve anything on our own?

    **"I am not going to work until you find the killers"

    I always thought abt this...but then who's going to come with me to do this? A handful maybe cos the rest just wanna get on with their lives. It's very disappointing, I know! But this is exactly what's happening in SL too for the past 20+ years! Nobody cares as long as it's not them!

    btw Im in Syd Aus :)


    By Blogger Keshi, at 12:30 pm  

  • Keshi :Its everywhere. "Its none of my concern". I try to do everything I can in my little domain. Here, a few of us, we bugged the admin to hell's end to improve bus services. Here again, everyone travelling in the bus wanted an improvement but no one was ready to come and talk about it to the management. So I took it upon myself to do the job and there were a few other like minded people and we got the job done. I see it everytime. People will continue with their routines until and unless they are forcibly shaken out of it. Especially the middle class. Thats why they are the ones who end up paying the most taxes and having the least savings.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 12:56 pm  

  • Guns, thanks for the reply. It's nice to meet somebody who doesn't feel offended just because somebody disagreed with him.

    By Blogger Bindu, at 5:35 pm  

  • Bindu :Thanks Bindu. I'm not a politician and so I admit I can be wrong sometimes. Listening to differences in opinion only make a man wiser and a conversation richer. So its always welcome as long as the tone doesn't get abusive.

    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:53 pm  

  • it is always nice to see posts with different ideas and opinions. I like yours. But i will have to tell you that protesting in the form of boycotts or strikes will send a bad message across. It would hurt more than help. India being a competitive country, eveyone competes for everything... absolutely everything. If you decide to boycott your job, there will be 10 guys willing to do your thing. To them, a bandh will not help with their financial standards, rather it would hit them like a brick on their face.

    In US, the govt is controlling what the public should know inspite of having powerful media and freedom of speech. But in the end, govt is very proactive and paranoid to the edge, they also do a good job of brainwashing the public. The bomb blast in chennai triggered heightened security in new york and the terror level was elevated, security beefed up.

    Indian govt doesnt like to be paranoid and jump the gun before the thing actually happens. They probably have a good intelligence system, but they also need to be paranoid, proactive and think ahead of time and be prepared. Most of the politicians have a personal agenda and are corrupt, not to say some are illiterate too. So in effect, their contribution to the growth of india is very limited. India does not have a good emergency response plan or a team, mostly depends on humanitarian help in times of need. So many such small things add up to being a powerful nation, which i think india is capable of being if guided in the right way. The first step to walk that way is for people to change their attitude and think for themselves, not let the politicians control their thinking. The constitution needs to change, politics need to be directed towards growth of the country and not for conspiring against fellow politicians, power should be used in the right way, not abused.

    Apologies... got carried away :)
    My prayers are with all those affected with the bomb blasts.

    By Blogger ari4u, at 7:22 pm  

  • oh.. and forgot to add.. i see you write about middle class doing something, i would say it is something every indian should do, not just middle class. This thing affects all.. like keshi wrote, as long as their needs are fulfilled and wallets full, people wont think of others. Attitudes needs to change and people need to stop being selfish.

    my 2 cents :)

    By Blogger ari4u, at 7:29 pm  

  • Yes, however much it jarred to see on every news channel the continuous harp about mumbai's resilience, I do think that given the scenario and the speed with which things work in our country, having more bandhs would have serious commercial repurcussions (which probably would make the perpetrators quite glad)

    By going back to work amidst the chaos and fear, I think the message that the general public doesn't get scared has been given loud and clear.

    Let's see what the coming days bring,

    Keep writing,


    By Anonymous Karan, at 1:42 am  

  • I agree with you on certain points. a change in attitude is required but calling off a bandh and stop working will just cause further chaos... i dont think thats wat we need right now... Every one in Mumbai.. infact everyone attached to India is mourning... but the way everything was normal in a few hours depicts the "I dont give a DAMN" attitude....which is great.. In case terror wd have gripped the city, whosoever planted the bomb wd have been successful.. People of mumbai made it a point to convey that no one can scare them off.... even by doing smthing as disgusting as this....

    By Blogger Apy, at 3:53 am  

  • So true.

    U seem to b a go-getter - I like that. Keep up the good work Guns!


    By Blogger Keshi, at 4:02 am  

  • You said it! we can have a bandh for completely imbecilic reasons of nincompoop politicians but don't have guts enuf to stand for our own valid causes... lambs, are we? Or, should I say, we don’t care enough? I do not conform to the ideas of strikes that put a halt to economy, but sometimes extreme measures become important; especially with a system that responds only to arm twisting. We Indians are s'posed to be a tolerant lot, but that must have its limits somewhere! we allow ourselves to get conditioned. and that's why blasts in Srinagar cause no concern amongst us, just because it is not a "breakin news" It takes a series of blasts in our financial capital to get people interested. Why? Coz our dear ones are there. How many of us even bothered about people who do not directly concern us! And yes stats were collected from constant switching of channels and phone calls so that our knowledge on the issue could be boasted of the next day... There are heroes who demonstrated true humanity but weren't most of us apathetic to a great extent? Forgive me, if I am generallizing but luk at the ratio of people who were involved and who could have, for some genuine and urgent cause. Some great heroes are - http://mumbaihelp.blogspot.com/
    Hats off to them and all those who contributed in any ways! I wish we all learn form them. Meanwhile the govt. announces monetary help to ppl, which will tke like years to materialize and btw, who the hell gave them the right to value life in terms of currencies? Wont it be better if they truly improve the intelligence system, so that next time such casualties cud be avoided? But no, it has to be quick fixes in the politics of votes! Selfish interests everywhere! And then the terrorists who no longer bother to be just enuf to attack the real culprits- the govt. (suppose we consider govt. one for the Kashmir issue, for once), like our freedom fighters did. Easy way out for everybody! Even if the end is right, is their no consideration for means at all? I am more than certain no religion commends this, so ppl who do it in the name of freedom and religion might as well have a second thought... Gosh, what ramblin!!! Sorry got carried away, wud stop here... a thought provoking post we have here:)keep it up!

    By Anonymous soulitary reaper, at 4:38 am  

  • If it happened in pune what would your response be?

    Similar thoughts here : http://in.rediff.com/news/2006/jul/12sai.htm

    By Blogger Shradha, at 5:43 am  

  • auyAri :Thanks for the LONG comment man. I like long comments coz it shows that the person has actually read the entire post and has an opinion on it.

    Even though you initially seem to be on the other side of the bank on this issue, the rest of your comment indicates that you ARE thinking on the lines that I am. Its just that you propose a solution that is slightly different from my proposition. Fair enough !

    BTW, I supposed if the industry itself decides to have a strike, why would the employees lose the job? Isnt it time our industrialists thought a little about the country too? Can't they lose an inkling of their profit to make sure they arent affected in the future by these kind of attacks? Like you say, its everybody's responsibility.

    I agree with all that you say, should happen. The only way to do it is to get young, well-educated people into politics. Hope it happens sometime soon.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:37 am  

  • Ari :I say middle class because the middle class has the lowest percentage of people that vote. In Pune, Arun Bhatia, an upright civil servant decided to stand for elections after he was shunted out by the politicians for clearing encroachments and trying to get order in Pune as the Municipal Commissioner. I am sure the entire educated middle class wanted him to win. He got 60,000 votes. His opponent won by more than 10 times that amount. Now, you imagine what that means.

    It is the responsibility of everyone, I know but the lower middle class will still vote for money. The politicians are such a lot. It is the responsibility of the vast educated middle class to vote and get a fit candidate on the seat.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:41 am  

  • Karan :Hi Karan. Thanks for writing in.

    I agree. A message implying that the people are scared wont be right. But people who are out in the open, protesting wouldn't be a scared lot, would they?

    What I am trying to convey is that to project the "I'm not scared" attitude, what we are doing is getting insensitized. Now, next time if there are another 20 people killed in a blast next month, it wouldnt even make the front page.

    Look at the flood situation. Last year, there was such a crisis and so many people were killed. The government promised to set everything right. This year, the same situation again. No one pressurized the government and asked what measures it had taken. No one took the chief minister to task and promised to make him resign if the tragedy repeated the next year.

    So, the government went about its job taking its own sweet time and we suffered again. Now, this year, it didnt make the front page for more than 2 days. It will happen next year and there wouldnt even be a news article about it.

    Thats why I said "Insensitive". That is what we are turning into.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:46 am  

  • Keshi :Thanks again. We all start in our own small way, don't we. Its just the direction that we set ourselves to walk in. The rest follows.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:48 am  

  • Kavita :Thanks for writing that. Read my responses to other comments. I am thinking on the exact same lines as you are. Our politicians take us for dumb fools now.

    They know that WHATEVER happens, they will just say "We have initiated a committe. The killers will not be spared". Then we all effectively forget about the matter and the headache for the politician is over.

    Another thing is that these terrorist KNOW by now that there is no threat to their life or any of their property or family. They know once they kill people and manage to return to their bases across the border, no one will harm them. They know that the Indian politicians are weak in their butts and will never attempt to cross the border and kill them. So they have no fear.

    An attack on the Parliament !!! What the hell more do we need? Maybe an assasination of the Prime Minister? Whoa, in fact, according to the amount of action that he is involved in these days, it wouldnt even make a difference if he was alive or assassinated.

    Sadly, not one major terrorist was killed nor one missile launched at terrorist camps even after an attack on the Parliament. What are they WAITING for?

    Thats why I wrote this. Unless we compell them to take some REAL action, they wont do anything. We need to FORCE them to do something.

    Sadly so !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 6:57 am  

  • Apy :Thanks for the comment. Take a look at my response to the other comment. I tried to explain my point of view there.

    But you are right. We need to show the terrorists that we are not scared of them. But how? Isnt it the right way to do it by protesting against them? Forcing the government to punish these people?

    How can we force the government to do it? Sadly, in a democracy, the only (peaceful) way to do it is by an industrial strike. Maybe there are other alternatives. Why dont you propose something on your blog too. It'll be great to know your opinion.

    BTW, the "I dont give a damn" attitude is only because those people havent been directly affected themselves. How about the people whose near and dear ones got killed? If it really is resilience and not insensitivity, THEY should be the ones going to work and not mourning. But its not correct, is it? These poor hardworking innocent people lost their lives for no fault of theirs. You cant just IGNORE their deaths. That is what is happening. People who havent been affected are just ignoring all the deaths and going about their daily work.

    Just like people who see somebody involved in an accident lying on the road and walking away turning face...ignoring that person ! Would you say he is trying to project that he is not scared of the killer traffic? Illogical, isn't it?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:05 am  

  • Shradha :Interesting question. You know my response. But like Keshi said here, its difficult to get people to understand the situation. Most people around us are brought up in the "chalta hai" attitude. "I will put up with anything and compromise with anything until and unless its a question of my life...or my job, or my family, or my TV, my washing machine......I will lick your feet if you ask me to. But as long as my job and my life is safe, I care a damn for anybody else's suffering".

    Always a pleasure to see YOUR name in the comments list, Gurujii ! You blog about your opinion on this.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:11 am  

  • It's sad indeed! But good thing is there is a lot of public outcry - everyone is fed up of the attacks and insecurity!

    And it's not just Mumbai - it's about the nation as a whole - today, wherever you go, you are not safe - for pilgrimage, you are under constant threat of grenade attacks.. ahmedabad and gujarat are continuously victimized.. it's real sad state of the nation!

    We need a strong leader - Wish Indira Gandhi was alive!


    By Blogger Nirwa, at 8:29 am  

  • You said it right.... I am feeling the same way. There something substantial should be done to stop this in future.
    Wonder, what we have learnt from our past. A country like India must have a sound internal security system.

    Sometimes it feels life doesn’t have value in India.

    It really makes me sad

    By Blogger Aakash, at 7:01 pm  

  • There is no value for life in india because there is so much life there... in excess.

    guns, thanks for your response. I like healthy and constructive arguments. I am not on any side, but i would be happy to see constructive growth.

    I am still against strikes and bandhs, they help no one. There are better ways to negotiate. We first need to amend our constition and change the meaning of politics, define priorities, make the value of human life important, control populations.... aaah.. the list is endless.

    Take care

    By Blogger ari4u, at 2:00 am  

  • Nirwa :Amarnath Yatra, Akshardham Temple...now these things are in now way connected to either the Kashmir issue nor to the Indian government or the Gujrat Riots. The attack on these places is inexplicable. If this continues, very soon there will be Hindus who feel the same way as these terrorists and get down to terrorism themselves. It is absolute crap.

    Seems like another ploy by SOME external (or internal) force to divide the nation on religious grounds and all the uneducated or/and irresponsible fools in the country are falling prey to that ploy.

    Something needs to be done...and fast !! This cant continue any longer. These "We condemn the blasts, we have sympathy to sufferers, their families will be compensated for the loss" statements will no longer work. We want to see SOME ACTION...


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:23 am  

  • Aakash :There is no value because we ourselves dont attribute value to life. Thats what I am saying in this post. People are going to work as if nothing happened...those lives lost meant nothing to them !

    Staggering !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:51 am  

  • Ari :I agree with what you say. There are other options. But don't you think we have exausted most of those other options? We have had dialogue with just about every tom, dick and harry involved in this. How many times more do we have to go to the UN, the US and the Interpol and beg them to catch our criminals. Don't we have the guts or the resources to do it ourselves? India is a soft state and there is no more testimony needed to that fact.

    The changing of constitution and everything...the only thing that can do something like that is a military or a civil coup coz currently the government seems to be full of corrupt politicians who know every loophole in the constitution and exploit it to their profit.

    Again...most of the other alternatives are idealistic. Practically, the only way to force the government do its job is by a a major protest.

    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your views.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:56 am  

  • i love what you'e done with you blog, it looks good ! specially, if [the poem].

    With the article however, i will have to disagree with you. I mean, of course we must find them and hunt them down. But an insensible, giant stride [for eg., going to war with our neighbours like america went to war with afghanisan] might be a mistake. Not a single american has lost his life, yes. but think about all the american soldiers dying everyday in iraq and afghanistan.

    It is my belief that someday [and i wont disagree if you call me a hopeless optimist], people will realise how important a human life is and how pointless attacks such as these are. I dont know how it will happen : confidence building measures \ talks \ cricket matches. But I do know that if it hasn't happened till now with guns, it's not very likely that in the future, it will.

    Thanks for dropping into my blog as often as you do. My computers crashed, and i'm trying to sort things out, so couldn't blog. Apologies.


    By Blogger A Paper-plane Pilot, at 1:20 pm  

  • Completely agree with you have to say here. We are only good at saying "We condone this" - other than that, our govt is a eunuch which doesnt have enough balls to eradicate terrorism.

    By Blogger Supremus, at 9:12 pm  

  • Tru. The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic. ... so tru.

    By Blogger Maymona, at 7:59 am  

  • we all talk excitedly about it... in a month or so, we'll forget it n the victims and their families will be forced to live with the haunting memories... Life goes on... that's how it's been happenin sice aeons...is there any solution?
    Thanx for ur kind words on my blog... so nice of you:)

    By Anonymous soulitary reaper, at 7:37 pm  

  • Really I feel a strange kind of frustration when I think abt India's political situation...I mean India faces so many mishaps but nothin REALLY happens after that!!!...no action taken...yes,I understand that the people in Mumbai want to move on...its difficult...and its difficult after u actually SEE all that destruction and so they r even more determined to move on...but our political situation is just so PATHETIC!!!...it makes me feel so damn helpless!!!...all protests go unheard most of the time...its so damn frustratin...the main problem in our country is that the politicians can get away with just abt ANYTHING!!...and dont even get me started on Arjun Singh!!!...I think I cud kill him if he comes in front of me!!!

    By Blogger Dreamy Eyed Gal, at 2:05 pm  

  • Monsters who indulge in acts of terrorism want to paralyze the system and we would be supporting the cause if we took the same road. But I agree, we need to shake the complacence of our politicians and establishments too - how do we make them see how frustrated we are with their inefficiency? perhaps by going to the work place and wearing black badges or
    registering our protest through peaceful demonstrations?

    By Blogger Usha, at 8:19 am  

  • PPP : Hey. Thanks for the compliment. If you think theres something more that I could change on the blog template, feel free to suggest.

    No problems in being an optimist. I am that too. But we are all optimists because none of us have been touched by the violence. Of the thousands of people killed since 1989, imagine the feeling that their near and dear ones have. Look at it from their point of view. Dont they deserve justice? Shall we allow the terrorists to kill innocent people and get away with it? That is precisely what is happening right now.

    Sometimes theres a limit to patience and I think this time, that limit has been breached. Its time we had some action against the terrorists.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:34 am  

  • Suyog :Hey dude. I REALLY hope someone says the same thing in the same words to Manmohan Singh. We've had enough of his sauve, calm bull-shit. The thought that hes a big yellow coward is slowly forming in my brain. Its time he rose to the occasion and showed that he has some guts to take on the international community's criticism to save his countrymen. If our Prime Minister cannot defend us, who will?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:37 am  

  • Maymona : Hey...thanks for dropping by my blog. Do visit regularly. Thanks even more for commenting.

    Its millions now for sure. Now, its not even a statistic. Its just front page news for 3 days and then nothing... no news, no government action, no REAL terrorists caught, no action on their camps...nothing !! Just peace and quiet....until the next bomb !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:40 am  

  • Kavita : Well, not even a month. Mumbaikars are back at work. Within hours. "I don't care a damn about anything that happens unless it directly affects me". Thats a resilient Mumbaikar for you.

    Sheesh...compassion is dead. Whatever little compassion they showed for a day or two was a glaring fake. Everyone is happily back at work now and so is the government.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:43 am  

  • Dreamy Eyed Gal : Perfectly what I am trying to say in this post. The government will do NOTHING as long as we dont force it to.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:44 am  

  • Usha : Thanks for the comment. Heres some food for thought.

    1) Two of our prime ministers were assassinated by terrorists.
    2)Pakistan attacked India thrice and waged war with unfair means and followed practices like mutilating Indian bodies and disrespecting them.
    3)China has attached India following similar inhuman policies
    4)Terrorists have attacked and killed THOUSANDS of innocent citizens in Kashmir since 1989 for no fault of theirs.
    5)Terrorists have attacked our temples, places or worship, piligrimage spots again killing so many innocent people in cold blood.
    6)Terrorists have attacked out PARLIAMENT...the very seat of our democarcy, our government.
    7)Terrorists have attacked buses and trains and now suburban locals in metropolitan cities which are in no way connected to the reasons for their struggle.
    8)They have hicjacked our plane and forced our government to release terrorists in return.

    Through all these, India didnt even show ONE bit of spine. The last point was a particularly glaring example of the spineless nature of our politicians.

    HOW much more do we need to endure before we finish the source of this terrorism once and for all? Do we wait until they touch our families, barge into our houses and murder our parents, children and friends?? Do we wait until then?

    Do you really think by not retaliating, these terrorists will STOP their activities? NO !! They will increase it manifold and very soon, we will be sitting on a live landmine wherever we go !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:53 am  

  • Guns I hope ur ISP hasnt blocked u from Blogger...wuts wrong with the Indian govt? do they even know what Blogging is?


    By Blogger Keshi, at 7:21 am  

  • Keshi :So far, blogger is working at office on one of the proxies. A few blogs open on the other proxies but the others seem to be blocked. Inexplicable coz dont all our proxies use the same ISP ?? Well, who knows ! At home, I gotta go and check. Hope they havent blocked it or BSNL is getting one long hate mail from me, thats for sure.

    Anyhow, those suggestive pics you have up on your blog are gonna make me lose my job someday !! LOL, if someone spies over my shoulder looking at pics of women in lingerie, no one would believe I am reading a civil blog by a civil and sane minded young girl !! [:P]Oh, and the network admins at office are full of horse-$hit !! So, remove those pics from your blog a.s.a.p. babe !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 9:34 am  

  • lol no ways! thats who I am and what my thoughts r :):) I cant hide from that can I? lol!


    By Blogger Keshi, at 5:59 am  

  • Closing down the financial capital would be similar to the AIIMS strike. It will end up hurting the common ppl more that the Govt.
    Btw, plz dont compare US & India. US is not bordered by hostile nations while India is.
    And before pointing fingers at intelligence agencies, just go thru this quote by a CIA agent
    "Our failures are known, our successes arent"
    -Al Pacino, The Recruit

    By Blogger Someone, at 11:23 am  

  • Supriy :
    Hey man ! Thanks for dropping by. Good to see you blogging after quite an interval.

    About the issue on hand : AIIMS strike hurt citizens BECAUSE the essential services closed down. I mention clearly in the post that essential services SHOULD NOT be stopped under any circumstances. We routinely have "bandhs" declared by political parties. People obey them coolly without a question. This time, its their own issue, their own lives at stake. I think living without a week's pay or having to overstock up a little for a week isnt a lot that can be lost in a battle against corrupt politics, I think. I would trade that for my life and my family and friends' lives anyday. Wouldn't you?

    Tha Al Pacino quote doesnt hold true here. It was front page news : "Intelligence agencies arrest terrorists with RDX in Aurangabad". Isn't exactly what Al says, is it? I am not blaming the intelligence too much here because setting off a bomb in a Mumbai local train is as easy as a pie for any terrorist. Thats my guess, having experienced the way these trains and the train stations work. Comparison to US intelligence? I still think ZERO attacks in 5 years is a commendable job done by them. Why are we shy to admit that? In India, attacks are happening every month in various cities.

    What I mean to point out in this post is the "attitude of Mumbaikars" and none of the two points I discussed above. I don't care if no one strikes, dont care if the intelligence is digesting black money and selling in to terrorists. What I WANT to see is the people rise up and ask the government to do SOMETHING. I hate this "chalta hai" attitude and I feel thats the only thing thats keeping us in the third world.

    I feel its way past high time the government did something concrete against terror rather than setting up committees and making sissy statements. This post suggests a mere way to compell the government to do its job. I am sure there are other ways...do suggest yours !

    Again, thanks for caring to comment.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 12:05 pm  

  • First of all, its a pleasure to visit ur blog and so u dont have to thank me for it.
    The comment I wanted to post has become as good as a blog in itself and I will make it into my next post.

    By Blogger Someone, at 6:23 am  

  • Supriy : Will definitely look forward to that !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:46 am  

  • So serious ...

    By Blogger Garima, at 10:10 am  

  • for a change i dont mind the comments being longer than the posts.

    mogambo khush hua.

    By Blogger Zii, at 4:32 pm  

  • Hey Gunz...
    Hmmm yes you have got a point there.. I've alwez felt that we Indians forget people who are killed, too quickly.. And the reason for this, as u said, our governement.. All that happens when some terrorist attack takes place, is a message from the PM, and some condolence msgs! And then, silently the chapter is closed..
    And they are tryin to put the blame on Pakistan. It might be true, but my point is - do they have clear proof for that? If not, I dont think its right to just blame a country n its president. If its 100% certain that pakistan is involved, then it makes sense..

    By Blogger johnny boy, at 8:55 pm  

  • Garima : Well, I will come up with a light hearted tag next. Look out for it.

    Zii :I am glad ! Often, the comments section gets a lot more interesting than the post itself. [:P]Try reading more comments. Maybe you will enjoy them, maybe you'll get even more pissed off. But its well worth a try !!


    By Blogger GuNs, at 12:57 pm  

  • John :Precisely !! We've all seen footages of Syed Salahuddin, the guy whom we let go (in a most shameful spineless action on our part) in return for the Hijacked airplane addressing public rallies in Pakistan. I am sure the intelligence agencies have a lot more proof than what the media is shown. Maybe Pakistan isn't involved after all. Maybe its Arab terrorists funded by China or USA for who-knows-sake !!

    We just need our Prime Minister to show some guts. Frankly though, I think Mannu-bhai is just a yellow coward. All that diplomatic finesse is no use. It has lead us nowhere in the last 17 years. Isn't it time to change strategy?


    By Blogger GuNs, at 1:06 pm  

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