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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Don't talk, just help (the victims of the tsunami)

Don't talk, just help

I had an argument with a friend today about this. My point is that there is really no point blaming people just for deriving media publicity. The final point is that when there is nature bent on killing someone, you can do nothing.

Three hours they say...what can be done in three hours? Where are the roads/rails/airstrips to make an evacuation possible. Even if it was the most advanced country in the world, they could hardly have saved 1 or 2% of their people. I am just quoting estimates that seem likely. You cant exaclty outrun a Tsunami on foot, can you. And how many people can you airlift in three hours? You'd need a million planes for that.

In short, all I needed to say is that instead of trying to blame people left right and center, please concentrate on relieving the suffering in whatever way they can.

And yes, one more VERY important thing...allow people to shoot/kill/mutilate photographers who try to shoot photographs instead of helping people in life threatening situations. I mean, imagine you are stuck under fallen debris after an earthquake and theres some damn photographer trying to take your photo just so he can be popular and may win many awards and earn more money. I feel you are quite justified to give him strict judiciary punishment for being so inhuman.

As for the met deparment, no met department on the world seems to be of any real use. So why are we still pumping billions of dollars into weather satellites when all they give is incorrect weather information and wrong rainfall predictions. Remember the last time there was a cyclonic storm detected in the Arabian sea...it just changed course and dissolved whereas the met office had declared that it will hit the Indian coast. I suggest we use the money to make sure more people can cave food and shelter and a respectable life instead of trying to go one up on mother nature, which is the MOST FOOLISH thing to do on the face of this earth.

I might seem like an illiterate person with no techincal knowledge..but I cam actually doing my post grads in computer science and I have studied enough science to know what's a Tsunami and also that it would be pretty much impossible to prevent or stop it in any way. Only way to reduce loss of life is by planning cities in a better way.

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