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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

National Shame vs. National 'Who-the-hell-cares' in Mangalore

The newspapers, websites and channels are full of the nauseating news - 'Women in pub attacked' and there are women's rights groups up to their now-familiar act of protest marches and such. When I saw a clipping on the news channel, I noticed that the hooligans broke into the pub and severely beat up a few men before pushing and slapping a couple of women around. Quite notably, there is nothing in the news about the poor boys who suffered. This seems like a major national issue 'only' because women were slapped around. Indeed, it is an unforgivably shameful thing to do but could we please have some neutrality in the reporting? Slapping the boys is as much a crime as is slapping the girls. Could we please hear more about the entire story and not just the five second clips showing a man pushing a girl?

Oh and these women's rights groups need to take a break. Who the hell funds them anyway? Grow up and protest against the wrongdoing which in this case, has happened against members of both genders. If your agenda is to garner publicity by standing up for the women and degrading all men in general, I have two words for you. I'm sure you don't need me to spell them out, do you? I believe gender equality is a basic right for every human being but in all ways. This kind of nonsensical "Women-are-holy, men-are-filth" mentality needs to be shot down and replaced with simple practical thought which judges things reasonably.

There can be no justification against such acts of invading the right to freedom of any person. We are a sovereign nation and everyone has a right to do things according to their own understanding as long as they are not breaking any laws.

On the same lines though, possessing and using drugs is illegal in India. Hang on a second, let me put that in capitals - ILLEGAL. Oh and for all the "dumber-than-a-lamppost" men and women out there, ILLEGAL is NOT cool. This trend of doing drugs and late night drag races, speeding on the highways with fancy cars etc. just has to stop. Its time the youngsters acted more responsibly and found more productive ways of utilising their energy. It would be nice to see some young Indian faces in voluteer activities in India. I met many people in the UK who have spent time doing volunteer activity like building schools or permanent housing for flood affected in India but sadly, no one I know in India has done anything of that sort. I feel ashamed to admit that I haven't done much myself and therefore would not claim to hold the moral high ground here but I am committed that I will do something. Where, what, when... these questions just seem to jump back and bite everytime I see another kid begging on the street.
We've had college students on the third floor of our building having a birthday party and dancing and playing loud music upto 1:30 in the night and when people protested, they got abusive and got into a fight. A number of police complaints later, they moved out and are now probably terrorising another peace-loving building society somewhere. For the record, these folks threw garbage out of the balcony, spat gutkha on the building walls, parked their vehicles haphazardly and generally misbehaving with everyone. If the youth is going to abuse their freedom of expression to cause nuisance, maybe there is some need for censorship of this freedom. Take the alcohol ban after midnight for example - it was probably caused by a minority of people who drink and then spill out into the streets causing nuisance. As always, the general rule-following population suffers only because of the abuse of a few who break rules.

Feminists reading this blog and planning to spew venom on me for being reasonable and supporting equal rights for men, please take your placard somewhere else. If you are short of ideas on where you could put them, let me know; I can offer suggestions.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

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Pictures from the top of the world, Nepal, coming up soon.
Oh, and Happy New Year.