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Wednesday, March 21, 2007




Thursday, March 15, 2007

All photos...GONE. Zoto.com cheats its users

The photo-sharing site www.zoto.com CHEATED most of its free users by deciding to suddenly go paid and removing all free accounts altogether. Free users either upgrade to paid or get lost. A move which cost email-service provider netaddress.com (USA.NET) dearly a few years ago.

They claim they gave everyone an advance notice (a month prior to this) and as a consolation, they allow the users to download all their photos in a convenient zip file. They justify this as a business strategy necessary to stay alive in the market.

Thanks for the lip-service guys but what about this? All the photos on my blog need to be uploaded to another photo-sharing site and I need to update all the links in each post of mine.

I don't think its fair. I wrote them an email saying so. They never replied. Typical of people who do not have good enough answers to a question.

Please bear with me while I upload all photos to some other site. Meanwhile if you are a new visitor and you need photos from a particular post, drop a line in the comments section and I shall mail them to you. I tried a fleeting look at Flikr and Picasa but none seem to offer linking as easy as Zoto did.

Any suggestions, folks?


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