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PeAcE WiTh GuNs

Monday, December 11, 2006

What Is Life?

Life? Yes, I know him. He’s the best friend I’ve had. I know him since I was born and I pretty well know that he’ll stay beside me till the very end.

When we were young, happiness had no need to be sought. Mother and father took care of everything for me. Life was always good. We had a lot of fun together and we shared many adventures. I loved Life and Life loved me. Thou art my brother, I look out for thee.

I grew older and I went to school. Life changed after that. We met an enemy. We met the one everyone knows as ‘competition’. I made many other friends in school. Some have lasted me till now. For the first time in my existence, Life went through highs and lows. Now that I think of it, the high came more often than the low. Life and I always managed to stay a step ahead of our sworn foe

Life and I grew into our teens and we faced new challenges. My friend Life, he was never his jolly self again. I mean I did see him laughing and having fun many times then but I never felt that he was totally satisfied. There always were so many things I wanted to do and so many characters I wanted to be. Some of these dreams were fulfilled and some were ground to dust by the way Life behaved. Competition never scared me though he always threw a spanner in my works. I overlooked him, mostly, at times – to my own disadvantage. Me – competition never scared nor I - about competition ever cared.

Life still loved me but there were times when we both hated each other. Those were the lowest points of Life. Add to that being an adult and not havin’ a wife.

Whatever adventures I’ve been through, I knew Life, my best friend would always accompany me on them. Whatever successes I had, even if the rest of the world turned its head to me, I knew Life, my best friend would always be there to cheer for me. Whatever failures I’ve had, Life has been there to give me courage to stand up and face new challenges. He’s been with me in all my travels inside buses, trains, peaceful boats and treks over the mountain ranges.

Whenever I’ve slept with a bad day behind me, two things gave me courage – the fact that the next day would be there soon and that Life, my friend would be there standing by my side, ready to take on anything that comes in our way. Take that fear away from me and into your sway.

Through joy, sadness, excitement, reluctance, pain, elation, success, defeat, night and day, I know I must…

Until death do us part, my friend – in you, I trust.