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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Dreadful 8s Tag That's Going Around

Amy has tagged me with the dreadful 8s tag that's going around. Since I have not been very regular with my posts recently, I suppose should do this tag. I need to write 8 weird facts about myself. Here goes...
  1. I was a psycho reader in school. I remember being the only guy who ate his lunch standing in the line for getting a library book issued. I also ran back home to change and ran out again to play "lawn cricket". I would start reading as soon as I came back and only let go once I finish.
  2. I am sometimes surprised and probably unduly mad at people who are too tired to do multiple things in one day. I have played badminton, table tennis, cricket and football all in the same day. I've stood in long lines and I've ran after and travelled in crowded buses for a thoroughly energy sapping one hour and then had a quick cup of tea and gone out to play football. I have travelled from Mumbai to Pune reaching home at 1:00 am and have then woken up at 5:00 to go trekking.
  3. I hate sitting at home. If I do not have anything to go out for, I would still go out for a random walk around. I've gone gone out for walks even on each eve of my post-graduation examinations. My friends thought I was plain bonkers to do that. One feller bet me I wouldn't dare to go out on one day because the exam that day finished at 6:00 in the evening and the next exam was at 9:00 in the morning. More importantly, they were the toughest of all exams in our four semesters. I of course, won the bet.
  4. I have many interests like playing the guitar, photography, music, reading etc. and I can play four sports. Sadly, I am not very good at any of these interests and I can only play the four sports well enough to not make a fool of myself. This is mostly because I have not been dedicated enough to any of them. The freaky fact is that I can play also all the sports that I do with my left hand though not as well as I do with the right (except of course, football which you play with your....err.. foot). I have played and beat two rank new comers at table tennis playing with two paddles in two hands! I am not averse to bragging on this.
  5. My hair is very very difficult to manage so I've given up trying to manage it and I've been trying all new things since the past few years. I will never colour or skunkify them because I am not really a flashy person but I've tried many conservative styles. Yesterday I got a short crew cut and I almost look like a skinhead. Next in line - authentic skinhead.
  6. I am mad about my country and mad with my countrymen. I want to do big things for my country and I hate a lot of people who are trying their best to do the opposite. I feel like slapping every guy back in India who I see throwing rubbish on the street or out of a train/car/bus window. I also hate Indians who come to other countries and help the locals justify their stereotypes of Indians - dirty, cheap, uneducated, ill-mannered, non-social, geeky people with zero sense of humour.
  7. I have passed most of my exams studying last minute mostly only for a few hours. I am ashamed of it. I have never had the capability to concentrate on my studies for more than two or three hours at a stretch. The maximum I've ever studied is probably six hours in a day.
  8. I think commitments should hold higher priority than most other things. If I commit to someone that I will be somewhere or will do something, I will often go out of my way to honour that commitment even if something goes wrong. Naturally hence I am wary of people who do not live up to their commitments.
There... I've finished the dreadful 8s tag that's going around. I now have to tag 8 unsuspecting fellers.
I choose:
1) Sam : My friend whom I'd like to introduce to all you others.
2) Balaji : Lets see you writing about yourself now boy!

This damn tag is so popular that everybody I know has already done it. Let me find people who have not...
3) Chitra : Yup, you are one.
4) Shark : You are number two.
5) Shradz : It's a long time since you posted so you better get back into the groove.
6) The Jedi : It's been a while since you wrote anything at all. Stop ranting for a while and do this.
7) Akhil : To give you a break from reviewing!
8) Reaper : It would be really interesting to get a peek into YOUR personality.

I request all of the above to kindly complete the tag failing which,
Amy will be crowned the queen of the universe and though that isn't essentially a bad thing, maybe you all would like to apply for that post yourself after changing the title to suit gender of course.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

All flash and no class

Make Johnny a dumb-ass