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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Eternal Cycle

"The day follows the night in an eternal cycle"
Said to me my mind one night
Persevering, not relenting
Here I am
A clear mind, the day is bright

The first line was on my blog sidebar for some time now. I made this little 5-liner out of it in a few minutes when the office mag editor asked me to send in a quote for Friendship Day. I had the line "said to me a friend one night" instead of the "said to me my mind one night". Now that I reminisce, none of my friends really did make that quote. Its just my own original creation. But yes...sometimes a few friends have been there to tell me something similar to that line. There have been moments when I've been lonely and they've been far more than I would have liked. But I guess, this is to those few friends who've stuck by me, though temporarily, in times of need. The whole para goes into my sidebar now.


  • does it strecth towards me too ;-)

    Nice one Guns...I know exactly wut u mean. There have been lonely times but some friends have made it possible for me to breathe again.

    tnxxx to u too!

    By Blogger Keshi, at 2:58 am  

  • Who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are.

    Sometimes, its important to feel a little lonely.

    By Blogger ScarS, at 7:24 am  

  • Keshi :Oh yes, it streches to everyone whos been there in times of need. You and all others who've taken time out to type a line in the comments here...each one of you. A big THANKS and a very Happy Friendship Day to you all !!

    Scars :Words of wisdom are never overlooked. Someone somewhere always makes good use of them. You are right. Sometimes though, the situation dictates who goes with you. Its a generous mix of luck, will power and wit that can get you great friends. And yes, being lonely once in a while opens a door to your own thought. Lets you reflect on what you've done, who you've been and what you need to do. Sometimes, the mind knows best !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:45 am  

  • hey there, do this lines apply to the blogsville friends too?:) well, I dunno, but I do consider us friends:) so happy friendship day to u buddy (albeit belated). My heart is a bit heavy today and these lines of urs gave me warmth... so thank u!

    By Anonymous soulitary reaper, at 8:42 am  

  • Reaper :Yes...they apply to everyone who has ever been there by my side - virtually or in flesh & blood. Thats not important. If you see my last comment, this is precisely what I said !! Thanks to you too.


    By Blogger GuNs, at 10:00 am  

  • Hi,

    I had no (known to me) means of writing to you so am using this. You had suggested that I make a banner on Bhagat Singh and we all put it up. I have done that now. Pls take a look!

    Do put it up yourself!!



    By Blogger Anil Jagalur, at 2:19 pm  

  • Nice one here! Man u should be a poet!


    By Blogger Supremus, at 2:39 pm  

  • That was a short one but a real nice one. Friends, i guess, all of us need them and just one can make all the difference in the world. But trust me, its always better the next day. Like Scarlett said 'Tomorrow will be another day"

    By Blogger Richa, at 2:52 pm  

  • Anil : Hey mate !

    Thanks a lot for making that banner and reminding me.

    Will surely put it up soon. I'll make sure it goes into my next post.

    Thanks a ton to you and your son.

    Suyog :Thanks a ton, bro. The lines are dedicated to all of you too - my friends in the online community. So...peace to you all ! About poetry, I've written a few poems in spare time over the past few years but don't think they quite make a cut to be publicised here [:-P]. ONE person here knows about them though !! LOL.

    Richa :"Welcome back", I should be saying. Great to see you here again. Tomorrow will always be another day...true !

    By Blogger GuNs, at 4:13 pm  

  • Sigh.. What will I do without friends..

    Nice lines Guns..



    By Blogger Rose, at 10:31 am  

  • That was pretty nice dude.. keep up the good wrk...

    By Blogger Apy, at 10:56 am  

  • You :What will we ALL do without friends. Glad to see you here. Thanks !!

    Apy :Aapke ka aashirwad ho toh hum sade aise hi aage badhte rahenge. Dhanyawaad !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 12:11 pm  

  • Oh that's lovely! I've been lucky, i've had many friends who i would consider true friends, but you'll find one soon and maybe if they're of the opposite sex, they'll be the one you'll marry :P It's really sweet, you should set up your own greeting card company!

    By Blogger Amy, at 9:32 am  

  • This will be the nth time I'll be saying it on your blog, but yea almost every little bit of that tiny quote and this small post hit home with me.

    Keep writing more often,


    By Anonymous Karan, at 4:13 am  

  • Amy :Thanks. Glad you liked it. As for the greeting ard company, SURE...you come join me and you can arrange the finance. I'll take care of the rest ! Great job on the tag. Kudos to you !

    Karan :Thanks a lot yet again, brother. It is actually a great motivation to hear such kind words from friends like you. Its just this motivation that drives all us bloggers. We dont get paid to do this, do we? Then why do we do it? Other than having a way to put down your deepest feelings, its also a way to put forward your point of view to a bunch of other people. The conversation regardless of whether it is supportive or combative, is only enlightening.

    You keep reading, man !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 7:21 pm  

  • Nice words there GuNs. Friendship is really something to treasure. Its great to have good friends.. not a worry in the world!

    By Anonymous jEDI, at 11:03 am  

  • Jedi :"Not a worry in the world...", yes, not a worry. You are so right, man. Its even more evident now because in the span of one month, 2 of the most regular members of our gang have left for different cities. One more will be on his way next week. Suddenly, I am confused about what I shall do in the evening after coming back from office. Who shall I hang out with?

    Not a worry in the world, yes...if only we could stay together all the time.

    Thanks for the comment !


    By Blogger GuNs, at 1:16 pm  

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