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Thursday, August 31, 2006

My New Watch

Got my first real 3-hand
Bought it at the Titan shop
Wore it till the leather strap
Tore 'way in t' thousand four !!

Well, time I bought a new watch.

As the corny piece above says, I bought (got) my first real Titan watch when I passed 10th. My father warned me that I needed to get more than 80% under any circumstances. I got precisely one mark more than 80% !! To my surprise, one fine day, dad said "Lets go to the Titan Showroom and I'll buy you a watch". Gleefully I looked through the entire store until I found a perfectly simple watch with a black dial and a gold finish with a black leather strap. That was 1998. From that day till I finished my MCS in 2005 (yeah, not 2004 as the poem says...that was just for the rhyme [:-P]), it was an able companion on everyday journies to college, treks & outings. It never faltered. I only changed the battery once in those 8 years or so. It got wet in the rain, dropped off the table, banged around in crowded buses but not a scratch on it. The combination was such that it looked good on formals as well as casuals.

One fine day, sitting in a chai-shop near our college, I was discussing buying a new watch with a friend. I told him I've had this one for too long and maybe its time I changed to a new one. When I walked to my bike an hour later, I suddenly realized that the watch was gone from my wrist. It couldn't have fallen off, it had a leather strap, well fastened and a new one which couln't have broken. I searched the place for more than an hour but I didn't find it.

I guess its in the hands of someone who would have appreciated its loyal service more than I did. Good luck wherever you are, my watch.

Bought my new watch last Sunday from Shoppers Stop. Wasnt actually going to buy one but was just goofing around the watch counter and I really liked this one. Check out some pics :


Here's an essay by the great Mark Twain on his watch.

My Watch - An Instructive Little Tale (Written in 1870)

(Alternative link to the essay)



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